We use Laravel for all of our APIs at Intouch Insight, so when AWS Batch was released, I started wondering about backing our Laravel Queues with AWS Batch. This seemed like the perfect opportunity to give back, since I’m sure others are looking at Batch with the same interest that I am. A few evenings of playing around, and here we are.

I’ve just published the initial release of my laravel-queue-aws-batch plugin on packagist.

Initially the plugin has been built for Laravel 5.1, since we use the LTS releases. Support for 5.4 will be coming, or quite possibly could already be working, but I need to review what has changed in the underlying queue classes before making that promise.

If you review the implementation, you’ll see that I based my work off the DatabaseQueue class, as we need a place to store jobs before batch can process them. Serializing the entire job payload and passing that as a string through the job submission to batch seemed like it could be error prone, to say the least.

Tests are needed, and will be coming. I’d love to hear feedback, or receive pull requests for improvements.

Update - Stable Releases are now available

Stable releases are now available for Laravel 5.1 through to Laravel 5.4.


How has this worked for you? Found a problem? Let me know and open an issue!