Laravel is a great framework; it’s easy to use and extend, and makes liberal use of Interfaces so that you can write your own implementations and provide them to the IoC Container.

Unfortunately, the downside to this is navigability. Many times, your IDE detects that a variable has either been type hinted, or has code comments indicating that it is storing a particular Interface, rather than a concrete class, and this sometimes makes navigation difficult.

Allow me to introduce you to Go to Implementation (CMD-OPT-B) in PHPStorm - just one additional key press away from the most commonly used Go to Declaration (CMD-B) It’ll allow you to select a specific implementation of whatever abstract method you’ve got a reference to.


The following screenshot shows the utility of being able to drill down past the AdapterInterface into a specific implementation of write inside of the Filesystem::put() method.

Go to Implementation - Filesystem.php
Go to Implementation - Filesystem.php